CIF Morocco 2017

Welcome to CIF Morocco!

Arrival Friday, May 05, 2017 / Departure Friday, May 19, 2017

  • –  The two weeks program includes :
    Orientation / agency visits and placements / host family living / experience in a multicultural group / evaluation and farewell event.
  • –  Number of participants two to four (2-4)
  • –  Participants should be professional in human services with basic training and a minimum of two years of professional experience in social field
  • –  knowledge of both French and English and if possible Arabic
  • –  Application for each candidate with photo
  • –  Application deadline: 31st January 2017
  • –  Participants pay their travel expenses from their country to Rabat ( the capital) and back
  • –  Participants are required to apply in their country for a personal insurance covering medical and emergency expenses before arrival to the country
  • –  CIF Morocco is responsible for securing room and board and the domestic travels when related to the program, if necessary.
  • –  Participant fees in the cost of the program is : 350 EurosEmail / / face book :CIF Morocco-CIF 1 Maroc / tel: +212(0) 661.514.102
  • –  Application forms should be sent to CIF Morocco President Abdel-Aziz ELBoudiri (Oujda is CIF Moroccan headquarters’) through your national branch or Contact Person of your country and if not possible through the NB & CP , please send your application directly to the following emails:
  • –  Name of the person responsible for the program in Rabat-Sale 2017 is: Mohammed ELAIDI (treasurer of CIF Morocco) Mobile number +212(0)667320471 / Home number +212(0)537536701For further information about the program in Rabat-Sale please contact CIF Morocco at: ( French speaking) ( English and French speaking)

Email: /

Facebook: CIF Morocco-CIF Maroc

Tel: +212(0) 661.514.102